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Gluten Free and Authentic Italian Food

August 26, 2014 Food Articles/ReviewsReviews (restaurant and other)Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

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Peter and I used to enjoy heading over to Avanti Caffe in Mount Prospect, IL once in a while. That is, until I decided to embark upon the gluten-free journey.

I think our initial experience with Avanti’s food was at a friend’s housewarming party. Avanti catered the party and OH! The Giant Cannoli! -Filled with a plethora of delicious little cannoli for individual consumption. Obviously, that made an impression. So, off Peter and I went to Avanti – The Caffe. Not being huge fans of Italian food in general (believe it our not), Peter and I were both pleasantly surprised by Avanti’s offerings, especially their sausage pizzas and calzones. The sausage is “correctly” spiced. (I suspect it’s a fennel thing.)

Not wanting to punish my husband, who is not eating an entirely gluten-free diet and wh...

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Restaurant Review: Top BBQ Joint in Illinois

May 7, 2013 Food Articles/ReviewsReviews (restaurant and other)Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

Really good BBQ available here.

Really good BBQ available here.


To reiterate, my husband (Peter) and I are bbq snobs – at least of the Illinois variety. Before you turn up your noses at us and say something along the lines of, “Illinois bbq has got nothin’ on Kansas City, Texas, or North Carolina,” consider the history of the award winning 17th Street Barbecue in Southern Illinois: place is an Epicurious (Bon Appetit) award winning barbecue restaurant. 

But we now may have a contender that can smoke 17th Street, an mind you, this “new” fangled place is also in Illinois. 

Bull’s Pit Smoked BBQ, located in Kankakee: is racking up not only excellent rib tips, (We almost always get the tips – due to good “...

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