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Trader Joe’s Class Action Settlement Information

March 27, 2014 Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

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Not My Mama’s Divinity…

December 9, 2013 Corresponding RecipesDessertsShopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

A Christmas Favorite

Regardless of what you think about Ms. Paula Deen these days, her mama’s divinity is really all you have to make when it comes to holiday “cookies”. Divinity, also known as divinity fudge, is a sweet candy confection composed primarily of sugar, but don’t let that fool you. Though the candy appears to look like meringue, complete with curled peaks. The texture of the candy is light and fudge-like. 

Ms. Deen’s Mama’s Divinity is dotted with pecans throughout, and my take on her recipe is no exception. I’ve also added cherries to the mix due to my personal love of cherries and because they add a little festive color to the decadent Christmas treat...

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Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies – and other Christmas Cookies

December 17, 2011 Bonus Recipes/VegetarianDesserts  No comments

I made these cookies last year for a social gathering and people raved about them.  They are one of the highest rated cookies at  (  The only part of the recipe I change is I omit one cup of oatmeal.  The cookies will be flatter when you take them out of the oven because of the this, but they’ll also be nice and crispy and chewy.  Eight days until Christmas!

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Christmas Cookie Recipes

December 7, 2011 Bonus Recipes/VegetarianDesserts  No comments

Last year I found the Joy of Baking site to be one of the best and it looks like it’s been improved upon this year.  Also good, Better Homes and Gardens’ site and of course there’s the Food Network:

1) The Joy of Baking Site:

2)  Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Shortbread Cookies:

3)  Food Network’s Twelve Days of Cookies:

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Transporting Cookies

September 6, 2011 Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

I’m bothering to write this post at all because my husband and I don’t own a lot of Tupperware type stuff.  When it comes time to bring cookies someplace, I have to be creative.  This is the best solution I’ve come up with thus far and thought it might also be helpful to some of my other cookie toting friends out there.

Line a serving tray with foil so that the handles are not covered.  If your serving tray has sides that come up around the edges of it, you’ll only need to line the bottom of it with foil.  If your serving tray is of the flatter variety, I recommend wrapping the foil around the sides of the tray and then taping the foil to the bottom of the tray so that the foil doesn’t slip around.  (See photos)

Now, once your cookies are cooled, you can place them on the foil on th...

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