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Gluten Free and Authentic Italian Food

August 26, 2014 Food Articles/ReviewsReviews (restaurant and other)Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

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Peter and I used to enjoy heading over to Avanti Caffe in Mount Prospect, IL once in a while. That is, until I decided to embark upon the gluten-free journey.

I think our initial experience with Avanti’s food was at a friend’s housewarming party. Avanti catered the party and OH! The Giant Cannoli! -Filled with a plethora of delicious little cannoli for individual consumption. Obviously, that made an impression. So, off Peter and I went to Avanti – The Caffe. Not being huge fans of Italian food in general (believe it our not), Peter and I were both pleasantly surprised by Avanti’s offerings, especially their sausage pizzas and calzones. The sausage is “correctly” spiced. (I suspect it’s a fennel thing.)

Not wanting to punish my husband, who is not eating an entirely gluten-free diet and wh...

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