Gluten Free and Authentic Italian Food

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Peter and I used to enjoy heading over to Avanti Caffe in Mount Prospect, IL once in a while. That is, until I decided to embark upon the gluten-free journey.

I think our initial experience with Avanti’s food was at a friend’s housewarming party. Avanti catered the party and OH! The Giant Cannoli! -Filled with a plethora of delicious little cannoli for individual consumption. Obviously, that made an impression. So, off Peter and I went to Avanti – The Caffe. Not being huge fans of Italian food in general (believe it our not), Peter and I were both pleasantly surprised by Avanti’s offerings, especially their sausage pizzas and calzones. The sausage is “correctly” spiced. (I suspect it’s a fennel thing.)

Not wanting to punish my husband, who is not eating an entirely gluten-free diet and who has been wanting to return to the home of politically correct sausage, I ventured to Avanti for lunch the other day to inquire about gluten-freeness. I had very low expectations of what I would be told. I was ready to hear, “You do realize this is an Italian Caffe don’t you?” Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find out everything on the menu can be made gluten-free!!! -from paninis to pizza and more! (not for highly sensitive celiacs) You may choose to give the restaurant some lead time. That is, call ahead and state the approximate time of your arrival and what item on the online menu you’d like prepared gluten free. But hey, I’m giving Avanti kudos on their willingness to provide yummy food to the gluten free market.


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