Let’s Talk About Coconut Macaroons

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by Regan Olson

And why not? They’re sweet, succulent, and gooey balls of deliciousness. And, you guessed it, they’re usually gluten-free. 

Let’s begin our conversation knowing I’ve been pining after pins on Pinterest.com. (I’m building-up a showcase of wares, food related and otherwise, in conjunction with my new venture to support up-and-coming artists and designers worldwide.) While pining yesterday, I happened across a 2 ingredient recipe for coconut macaroons that left me dumbfounded.

Not one to allow myself to remain dumbfounded for long, I quickly transitioned to a state of baked-good deprived and drooling macaroon-a-maniac as I hearkened back to a trip to Milwaukee’s Public Market about a month or so ago. The bakery there (C. Adam’s Bakery), has the most delicious and gluten-free coconut macaroons. I was persuaded to try one after being disappointed they had sold-out of another gluten-free featured item; apparently the macaroon was so yummy, I don’t remember what the sold-out item was.

Coconut in general is pretty good for you! -Just in case you’re stranded on a remote island and concerned about maintaining your healthy gluten-free diet. (In that case, I wouldn’t worry so much.)  Of course, macaroon recipes call for added sugar, but as my Grandma used to say, “Everything in moderation,” and 2 ingredient recipe or otherwise, the little stacks of goodness aren’t that difficult to make. Enjoy!

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