Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About Eating Gluten Free – So Far

June 5, 2014 Food Articles/ReviewsShopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

by Regan Olson

1. Going-out to eat can be challenging, especially if you’re used to going to independently owned restaurants instead of chains. 

2. It’s important to eat a lot of fiber and protein from sources like almonds. (Yes, almonds are high in fiber.)

3. This light and gluten free chicken recipe is delicious! You’ll especially like it if you like Indian food. (Don’t forget to make sure your spices are gluten free! All McCormick brand spices are.)

4. I haven’t lost any weight yet (after 3 months), but the gluten free diet is easier on my digestive system.

5. The new gluten free pizza crust at California Pizza Kitchen is very good. (Non-sponsored comment.)

6. It’s important to plan before going out to eat. In other words, find out what restaurant you’re going to and call during non-peak hours to ask what items on the menu are gluten free. It’s helpful to ask to speak to the back-of-the-house manager or chef when doing this.

7. I now eat more salads than I used to, and I used to eat a fair amount of salads.

8. King Arthur gluten free brownie mix makes delicious fudge-like and chewy brownies. (Non-sponsored comment.)

9. My husband doesn’t hate gluten free buns (Usually found in the frozen food section of the grocery store.)

10. Eating a gluten free diet can be quite enjoyable once you get used to it!


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