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I’ve been meaning to post this piece about squash for a while. Inspiration struck while at my dad’s house months ago when he had many squash from his garden “laying around” the house. Wanting to redirect at least some of the fruits of his labor to the freezer and not wanting to peel and cut-up most of the squash due to them being thicker skinned than me, I thought they might heed a good steaming in the microwave.

You have to poke the squash first, several times around the gourd with tines of a fork or the pointy end of a paring knife.  I poked and steamed the butternut variety with excellent results.  Microwave the squash on high for 2 minutes. Then, rotate the squash 1/3 of the way around and microwave it on high again for 2 minutes. Finally, turn the squash one last time and microwave it on high for another 2 minutes.  The goal is not to thoroughly cook the squash, but to steam it so the skin is easier to cut away from the vegetable and the vegetable itself is easier to cut. Microwave cooking times will vary according to the size of the gourd.  Some of you are saying to yourself, “Yeah, but is it safe to heat the squash with the seeds in it?” Yes, it is. Consider that you would eat pumpkin seeds roasted. Also, you are going to remove the seeds from the squash before freezing it (or cooking it) anyway.

Now that I’ve detailed the steaming instructions, here are excellent directions on how to further prepare your squash:


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