Freezing Quiche

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I’ve been researching freezing quiche. Recently, I posted about making two quiches (of the same variety) at the same time.  (I suggested doing this for Mother’s Day in case you were entertaining.) However, entertaining isn’t the only time you might choose to make two quiches at the same time; it makes a lot of sense to bake two quiches at once. Take into account you’re probably using refrigerated pie crusts and they usually come in boxes of two. Therefore, you can use both in one instance. (Frozen, not yet baked pie crust does not have an extremely long freezer life.) But also, baked quiche freezes very well!

  • Allow the quiche to cool COMPLETELY after baking it and before you freeze it.
  • Once the quiche is cooled completely, wrap it in foil (yes, foil) and then wrap in freezer (butcher’s) paper if you have access to it. -If you do not have access to freezer paper, plastic wrap or wax paper are good substitutes. Wrap the freezer, plastic wrap, or wax paper around the foil wrapped quiche using tape as if you are wrapping a present.
  • Put the date on the quiche and reheat it within 6 months. 

For more information on reheating quiche, see this Ehow article:

I must strongly suggest, please bake the quiches before you freeze both or one of them. You will see some people online say you can do otherwise, and you can, but the quiche will be of lower quality (due to soggy crust).  I also recommend freezing the quiche in the pan in which it was originally baked if possible; it’s just easier than trying to slide the quiche out of that pan. 

One last addendum, the above will also work if you would like to freeze leftover slices of quiche for future lunches and such. I hope this information is helpful. Enjoy you quiche!

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