What to Eat When You’re Without a Drawbridge

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We’re surrounded by flood water.

Our new temporary moat.

Our new temporary moat.

Thankfully, I went to the grocery store on Wednesday. (Today is Friday.) So we’re pretty well stocked as far as food is concerned. The situation does make me think of having to be resourceful nonetheless, and often resourcefulness leads to creativeness. Hence, the following scrumptious sandwich (complete with detailed instructions) that I made for lunch:

Swedish Honey Roasted Turkey and Peppered Goat Cheese on Rye

  • Sliced Rye Bread
  • Peppered Goat Cheese (Herbed or Plain would also work here.)
  • Deli-sliced Honey Roasted Turkey Breast (I like Sara Lee.)
  • Lingonberry Jam (or Cranberry Sauce)
  • Butter, Margarine, Smart Balance Spread (or the like)

I brought the Smart Balance out of the fridge first, allowing it to warm a little which makes it easier to spread. You’ll need a frying pan large enough to accommodate the size bread slices you’re using. (You’ll also need a spatula to flip your sandwich.)

Once the ingredients for your sandwich are on your counter and ready to use, go ahead and heat the frying pan on low heat. No need to add butter or a substitute to the pan.

Assemble your sandwich by spreading 1/2 tablespoon of lingonberry jam (The Swedish component.) on one side of each piece of bread. Next, dollop some goat cheese onto one of the slices of bread - on top of the jam. Place some sliced turkey on top of the goat cheese. Then, place more dollops of goat cheese on top of the turkey. Place the other piece of bread with the jam already on it on top of that layer of goat cheese (jam facing the goat cheese).  Now spread the butter or what have you on the outside of that slice of bread.

Carefully lift your sandwich and flip it so the buttered side of the bread is in contact with the heated frying pan – using your spatula can help you do this. Keep the frying pan set at a fairly low heat. The idea is to melt the cheese a little – which can take a few minutes; it’s okay if the bread toasts slowly. While the first side of the sandwich is cooking, you can butter the outside of the other piece of bread. After the first side of the sandwich has cooked for few minutes, go ahead and flip it. Continue to cook the sandwich until both side of bread have achieved gold brownness. Place the sandwich on a plate and turn off the burner. Devour the sandwich. Stay safe inside castle.




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