T-Bob’s Smokehouse: Excellent BBQ

May 10, 2011 Reviews (restaurant and other)Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  2 comments

My husband and I are turning into BBQ snobs.  We have tried some of the best, including the barbecue down in Murphysboro, IL at the 17th Street Bar and Grill.

This past week we tried the new local, T-Bob’s Smokehouse in Des Plaines, IL.  It rivals the best.  My husband and I shared a plate of rib tips and then another plate of rib tips (as well as sides of homemade mac cheese and coleslaw).  These were meaty tips, folks.  And the char on the tips along with the sweet heat sauce – was exquisite on the palette.  For those of you who are loyal to the Carolinas and the thinner vinegar style sauce – no worries, T-Bob’s has a version of that too.  Their prices are moderate, the decor appropriate, and the service excellent.  It’s only a matter of time before they’re found out.  Or rather maybe they just have been.

My husband and I had to forgo the tempting desserts on display (flan and the special house cake), due being so full.  Next time maybe well take dessert home with us, because I don’t think we’ll be skimping on the BBQ.  I hope you can make it to T-Bob’s!

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2 comments to T-Bob’s Smokehouse: Excellent BBQ

  • DeLynn  says:

    My hubby loves to search for the best b.b.q. We have never been there we usually are searching the Carolina’s and D.C. Honestly I have not liked any of them, I much perfer the homemade sauce he makes.

    Maybe we will celebrate his birthday there! Thanks.

  • Mark  says:

    I have been there twice since it has opened. The rib tips I had at lunch on the first trip had the perfect amount of smokiness & both sauces complimented the meat very well. They were however not the most tender tips I have had, but all in all very good. Points just for offering rib tips; they seem to be a forgotten item on all the new “botique” BBQ joints that have recently blossomed all over Chicago.
    My second trip was not as successful as the first. This go around I took the family there for dinner. We ordered the baby-back rib dinner which came with salad and side. The salad had a large puddle of water at the bottom of the bowl. In my opinion…forget the salad all together…I am at a BBQ joint to eat meat! Vegetables at a BBQ joint should be one of the following. Beans, Coleslaw, corn on the cob…that’s it! On to the ribs, these disappointed as well. What little meat I found on the bones was overcooked and dry. The sides of french fries and cole slaw were acceptable.
    I will be going back for the tie-breaker since I did have one good experience. I think T-Bob’s had good potential, they just need to fine tune things!

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