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Restaurant Review: Top BBQ Joint in Illinois

May 7, 2013 Food Articles/ReviewsReviews (restaurant and other)Shopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

Really good BBQ available here.

Really good BBQ available here.


To reiterate, my husband (Peter) and I are bbq snobs – at least of the Illinois variety. Before you turn up your noses at us and say something along the lines of, “Illinois bbq has got nothin’ on Kansas City, Texas, or North Carolina,” consider the history of the award winning 17th Street Barbecue in Southern Illinois: place is an Epicurious (Bon Appetit) award winning barbecue restaurant. 

But we now may have a contender that can smoke 17th Street, an mind you, this “new” fangled place is also in Illinois. 

Bull’s Pit Smoked BBQ, located in Kankakee: is racking up not only excellent rib tips, (We almost always get the tips – due to good “...

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Mobile Food Truck Prepares to Launch in Marquette Michigan

December 8, 2012 Food Articles/Reviews  No comments

Props to my jazz band buddy Mike Walker as he’s launching Marquette’s first mobile food truck “Dia de los Tacos”:

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A Yooper Makes Maple Syrup

March 30, 2012 Food Articles/ReviewsShopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

A Yooper (A person from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – that’s what I am.) makes maple syrup.

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The Test Kitchen A.K.A. You Cooked Something Gross

October 18, 2011 Food Articles/ReviewsShopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

By Regan Olson

Do you ever watch the show America’s Test Kitchen?  If you do, then you know the experts there within show us folks at home how to make a delicious finished product.   For example, this past weekend I watched an episode on how to braise and then broil pork shoulder to give the meat desirable caramelized edges.

However, at some point in between buying groceries at the store and serving a delicious roast, pie, or casserole there is a process that occurs.  You’re probably thinking, “Duh!  It’s the cooking process.”  And you would be right in your thinking. The cooking process though is more often than not a process of trial and error that takes place over days, months, or even years (gasp).  Enter, the test kitchen.

This past week I made a particular egg casserole for...

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Chipotle’s Premiere “Cultivate” Event Brings Big Name Culinary Pros to Chicago

October 2, 2011 Food Articles/ReviewsShopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

By Regan Olson

Chipotle Mexican Grill sponsored it’s premiere “Cultivate” event in Lincoln Park this weekend.  The moral of the story, lest it be left until the end, was all about promoting positive change on the nation’s food supply.  Regardless of your political persuasion or cooking ability, the message falls under the subheading of being a good steward of what’s been given us.  I felt privileged to have attended this well thought-out event.

First up was Chef Nate Appleman.  Known for his prowess in dukeing it out on “Chopped Champions”, he is now an Executive Chef on the mission for Chipotle.  Audience members were also introduced to Hot Bread Bakery from Harlem.  Along with Chef Nate, Hot Bread experts demonstrated how locally sourced corn can be made into tortillas...

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Get the Dirt on the Food You’re Eating…

June 21, 2011 Food Articles/Reviews  No comments

and how to prevent problems!

(Click on the link below.)

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Super Bowl Party Recipe Ideas (Go Pack!)

February 4, 2011 Food Articles/ReviewsShopping Lists and Home Page Posts  No comments

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What to Eat on the Airplane?!

December 22, 2010 Food Articles/Reviews  No comments

Just in time for your Christmas travel plans:

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Food Trucks vs. Restaurants vs. The Combine (Chicago)

December 14, 2010 Food Articles/Reviews  No comments

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